Eminem’s Next Album Called “Recovery”

Eminem’s next album which was supposed to be titled simply “Relapse 2” will now be re-titled “Recovery”. Eminem made the announcement over twitter, tweeting that There is no Relapse 2.

Eminem twitter message

Eminem’s last album Relapse was real heavy, so I’m kinda looking forward to Recovery.


4 thoughts on “Eminem’s Next Album Called “Recovery”

  1. that relapse album has grown on me soooo fucking much man.. dont know what to expect; just blaze and em collabo – it just has to be fire

  2. Does this mean we’re gonna start seein Em on VH1 celeb rehab and sober house and all that? That would be the shit. lol

  3. yo Fred, Dr. Drew wrote a letter to DMX’s judges pleading to work with him to help him from his disease. lmfao thats actually 100% true too

  4. Eminem is awesome

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