Young Jeezy Debuts “.38” Mini Movie

Young Jeezy continues the visual onslaught as he prepares to drop Thug Movitation 103 (TM103) on December 20th. This time though, instead of one video, Jeezy strings together a 15 minute film which pieces together some of his recent mixtape hits like “Rap Game” as well as introduces some newer cuts like “.38” which is the centerpiece of the film.

While the concept is typical for a rap movie, the cinematography is a cut above most made-for-youtube-rap-circle-jerks. Jeezy fans will be pleased that the thug motivator is back in full form and actually seems inspired on some of his new material. Watching this reminded me of Atlanta’s new thug motivator Two Chainz, who seems like a new version of Jeezy. It’ll be interesting to see if Jeezy can capture the attention held by guys like Two Chainz and Future.

My best guess is, he won’t as every six months it seems like there is a new Atlanta rapper with a hot song that fizzles out quickly. Come to the think of it there hasn’t been any Atlanta rappers that have received nationwide acclaim and held it since Soulja Boy’s 2007 run and he has since plateaued.


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