Young Dro feat. Yung L.A. “I Don

Young Dro teams up with Yung L.A. for the first single “I Don’t Know Y’all” off his second album P.O.L.O.


6 thoughts on “Young Dro feat. Yung L.A. “I Don

  1. Hmmmmmm…who the HELL did this video?? The cell shading is almost like a moving painting for this video…the track is aiight…but i’m definitley intrigued by the directors vision on this.

  2. It’s directed by Gabriel Hart.

  3. you may be surprised to hear this but as far as ignorant rap goes, Young Dro is not that bad. i’m definately fucking with the vibe of this song, without paying attention to any of the lyrics

  4. 1:55 LMAO!

  5. Young Dro is hilarious. He’s prolly the best “ignorant” rapper.

  6. I have to agree, Young Dro isn’t a bad rapper. I honestly would listen to his raps over these hipster emo guys

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