YoRapper’s Valentine Special

Jay-Z Beyonce Valetine's Day
Ah valentine’s day, my favorite day of the year. Today was especially ballin’, cause my women TOOK me out to this crazy Japanese restaurant called “Iron Chef”. I’ve never had Japanese food in my life and wasn’t really looking forward to eating sushi. Let me also add I was mad hungry from not eating all week and working out today for no reason. Anyway, let me tell yall about this place. BALLIN.

Asian Stereotypes

This isn’t like the average late night Asian restaurant I usually frequent, you know the one where theres a full casino in the back. This place was like Iron Chef the tv show. First of all, you are seated really close with the other valentiners around a huge stove -which feels like were at some communal tribal eating pit. Then this Asian dude, whose probably Filipino, pretending to be Japanese comes out and gets his Jackie Chan on with the food (and the customers). Our chef kept asking this dude about “Where Cherry is?” and kept probing him for details about her whereabouts, where she worked, and how nice the view was last time he saw her -keep in mind the chefs look down on us from there grilling area.

Make Your Girl Pay

Since my girl was paying because I took her out last month and dropped $100 on wack ass Italian food, my girl, who just got a new j-o-b was feeling generous. So I had the fillet mignon and chicken which comes with soup with no spoon, fried rice, veggies and that stringy stuff. The fried rice was made right in front of me and I was shocked that they make it just by mixing regular white rice with regular chicken eggs…I know I’m a stranger to the kitchen. But damn this rice was like crack on my tongue, that is until the fillet mignon.

Al Bundy Reference

Ah man, I’ve had fillet mignon like one other time in my whole life, I think at my cousin’s wedding last year, which coincidently was the first wedding I had been too (that was ballin’ too). Anyway, fillet mignon is officially the most balling thing to eat, it just feels like it melts in your mouth (no homo). After the meal, I felt like Al Bundy in the episode where they go to England and are some how so rich they can afford some boogie restaurant and after they eat, Al just says, “I’ve eaten before, but that’s eating” or something like that.

YoRapper’s a Germ Freak

Not only was the food good, but the customer service and (customer experience) was on point. First of all, the washroom was the cleanest thing I’ve ever been too. Now I mention the washroom, because I have this saying, that you can always judge how good a place is by how clean its washroom is. And man this washroom was like a dinning room itself, even the door handle looked clean (I still didn’t touch it). They also gave my girl a rose, which mad me look like a jackass, but I ain’t buying no $10 weed (unless its $10 weed). Ya Digg.

Anyway, what yall fruits do valentine’s day?

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