YoRapper’s 2008 Rap Predictions


Okay so it’s February, and this post should have been done in December, but when has hip hop ever been early for anything? Anyway, here is our list of 10 things that will shake up the rap world in 2008. Hopefully, in 2009 we can brag about some of these coming true, even if it’s just one thing.

1. Jay-Z will drop his last album with Def Jam, but it won’t really be his last (and will come with a DVD).

2. Flava Flav will be found dead in a hotel room. But will be recesitated when paramedics turn his clock emblem back three hours.

3. Soulja Boy will accuse Mr.Collipark of child molestation but will eventually re-neg and the two will be seen in some trendy restaurant in “the village”. Incidentally, Soulja batti’s second album will flop, but will be huge in Germany.

4. Lil Wayne’s “The Carter 3” will sell 1 million copies in its first week. Shortly after, Lil Wayne will be found dead in a hotel room, next to Flava Flav. Just kidding…about being found next to Flav.

5. Kanye West will claim he is going back to his roots, but his next album will be on some Euro-House shit. The album will flop, but be huge in Germany.

6. A bunch of hip hop sites will shut down due to lack of Google Adsense revenue, even more will pop up with the goal of making $100 a day.

7. 50 Cent and Fat Joe will finally have a physical altercation. Both will lose.

8. A race draft will take place, in which Fat Joe is traded for Micheal Jackson. Fat Joe will finally be a nigga and Micheal will finally be Jennifer Lopez.

9. Common will finally screw Alicia Keys.

10. And finally, another Southern rapper with a silly name, an even sillier dance, and yet an even more sillier song will have the ringtone game on smash.

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  1. nice with #4

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