YoRapper Will Not Be Bought, Models Love Us and Brazillian Rap.

Hey yall, you’re not going to believe this but some corporation wants to buy yorapper.com! But I’m not even going to entertain them, there is no way I’m selling this place even for a million (well maybe). I love yall too much!

Also I got a request for an interview from a model who wants an interview on this site, but I’m not sure I want to do it because hmmm here’s her pictures. If you guys think she is girlfriend worthy than please let me know via the comments. Also if you have any questions you want me to ask her, post up.

Anyway, Fred asked about how my trip to Brazil went. Well it was the best trip of my life, I wen’t with a few of my close friends who are just as insane as myself and we pretty much caused a whole heap of havoc. That’s the thing with vacations, you can go to a boring place as long as you go with the right people it can become interesting.

Now for the scoop on Brazilian girls. I knew the women in Brazil we’re beautiful but seeing how beautiful the average Brazilian woman is in comparison to the average American woman was like a Kid Cudi song (Day and Night). There are these amazingly proportioned booties just nonchalantly walking around and my friends just bugging out. After a while I got used to it. I guess it has something to do with the fact that the people there are like a super-hybrid-humans, every race combined. See what happens when we all work together?

Since I was pretty much inebriated my entire time there, it is all a haze. But I do remember some guys from Italy wanted to kill me, I’m not sure why. But I was walking around like Wolverine for a bit after a small confrontation. Also we went deep into the ocean and my friends through me into the water, while I was still drunk, and then I had to be saved by some Spanish folk.

As for the clubs there, they are even better than here, though hot as hell. That’s the thing about when you are in a super humid country that’s literally like being in a sauna is you can drink copious amount of liquor and just burn it off. Anyway I thought the clubs would be like the tavern in Dusk Till Dawn but the big clubs we’re fairly upscale. The music they play ain’t bad either, let’s just say I used to hate reggaetone but now only mildly dislike it.