YoRapper Is Not on Joe Budden’s Nuts

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So I get word from one of the members of the production group The Klasix, the dudes who did some beats for Joe Budden’s MM3, and they feeling the site on all, which shows they real dudes, cause only real folk visit this place. Though they also a little aggy about the WMS Sultan interview titled “Who Gave Joe Budden His Mood Back?” [sidebar: I’m such an instigator].

But anyway who care about all that, what was funny was they had this to say about Yorapper.com,

you guys are real Joe Budden… friendly…

Now what the fuck haha. Just cause we gave homies album 5 mics, I mean 5 stars (Read Joe Budden MM3 Review) and we did crown Joe Budden rapper of 2007, don’t mean shit? It’s not like he’s paying us to do this. I swear. No really I swear.

Real talk. We just being objective. For you dumb smart niggas that means telling the truth as it is. Everyone probably thinks the best rapper of last year is Weezy. I bump Lil Wayne and trust me this dude is kinda sick, some of his punches are literally out of this world. But the problem I have with Wayne is that his life revolves around rap. He’s been signed since he was what 10 years old or something. Did he ever have a real life? No. He’s like the rap Micheal Jackson, going from kid star to adult star, and hence explains all the drug use.

With Joey on the other hand, his raps revolve around his life. To me this is the perspective all authentic music comes from. Not only that, but how can anyone be that inspired after going in on MM2, to come out just as inspired on MM3? I asked some of my homies, who are Weezy enthusiasts, how can you not rate Joey when he is this inspired? Their unanimous response, “cause he broke”. True, he ain’t Birdman. But he in the hundred thousands and he still out rhyme everyone. For me, once I get like 1000 dollars I stop trying.

But anyway, YoRapper ain’t on Joey’s nuts. We would get more views if we wrote about Lil Wayne all day everyday like those peon bloggers over at Shirt Sizes. But who wants views from peons that read peon bloggers anyway. This is the real.

Get a seat.

PS. Joe Budden’s second album “Padded Room” coming out early spring.

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