YoRapper Going to Brazil

I’m going to Brazil tomorrow with the homies. I’m going to be gone for a week and will be indulging in illicit drugs, whores, and alcohol. I will try to update the front page but will probably be double penetrating some milf stripper while sippin’ on some sizzurp. If I don’t make it back alive, this site goes to Fred.

Also shouts to murphy, spidaman3, d mental, ivan and all the rest of the faithful. It’s summer and hot as hell pretty much everywhere, take a break and recharge.

And now here’s a random picture of a Brazilian soccer fan.

Brazil soccer fan

6 thoughts on “YoRapper Going to Brazil

  1. Well damn fam…thanks for leaving me the site in what is sounding like your will and testament. All i’m gonna say is enjoy Brazil…take a video camera…and if it’s everything that people tell us it is and more. Just stay…we’ll understand.

  2. damn i wanna go to brazil. take videos

  3. YO! So you back man or what? How was the trip?

  4. asshole. brazil is not about that. americans are whores

  5. dude, everyone knows brazillian whores are hotter than american whores LMFAO!!

  6. you look so sexy

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