YoRapper Endorses Barack Obama

YoRapper Barack Obama

I don’t know about you but we’ve got election fatigue. I can’t wait till this thing is over and we have exactly 10 days left to elect someone that’s going to get us out of this mess (i.e. wall street meltdown, mortgage crisis, unemployment, skyrocketing inflation and a war on two fronts). So without further a do, YoRapper officially endorses Barack Obama as the 2008 President of the United States.

Duh. It shouldn’t come as no surprise as we have been on Obama’s nuts more than Jesse Jackson in the last few months and which hip hop personality hasn’t? So instead of blinding following the sheep, let’s just state a few reasons why we think Obama is the man for the top job.

A Steady Hand
First of all he’s black. If anybody knows how to deal with rough times it’s black folk. But all joking aside. His ability to stay calm and focused within the last few weeks amidst this severe economic crisis shows a maturity and wisdom that will help navigate us through these murky financial waters.

Top Notch Head Coach
He’s one of the smartest people we have ever seen run for office. Aside from achieving a law degree from Harvard which showcases his “book smarts”, he also has the ability to get the best players to want to work for him regardless of political party. For instance, he has the richest guy in the world, Warren Buffet, as his senior financial adviser. He also just received an endorsement from Bush-Republican Colin Powell. The President of the United States can be best seen as a head coach whose job is to motivate their players to do their best to create a winning team and in this regard, Obama’s ability to inspire, even us lazy-cynical youth, is a task no President has done since John F. Kennedy.

Man of the People
Obama has promised a tax cut for 95% of people in America, which are the majority of American’s making under $250k. He will also raise taxes on the wealthy to pay for these tax cuts and actually seems like the one to get budget spending down. His argument that trickle down economics no longer works and that instead we need to “grow prosperity” from the bottom up may prove valid in the next few years as Bush’s tax cuts have really done nothing but put more money into the system creating deflation of the US currency.

Foreign Policy From A World Perspective
The problem with the Bush administration has been their foreign policy of “pre-emptive” strike. This policy, referred to as the Bush doctrine, sees that the U.S. should dispose of a perceived foreign threat to their national security even if an attack is not immediate. Hence, the reason for going to war with Iraq.

Now what this doctrine has largely done to the United State’s reputation around the world is reinforce the idea of American Assholeness in which America is the bully that does whatever it wants without considering the impact to the rest of the world. We have not only seen this in foreign policy but also in environment policy as well. Why is it so bad? By alienating our allies around the world, the U.S. bears the entire financial and social burden of “country first” policies. For example, the U.S. is paying over $10 Billion a month on the war in Iraq. What will Obama do?

Obama’s popularity throughout the world is not only because of Bush’s unpopularity but because of his ability to bring people together will also bring countries together to help fight the war on terrorism and on global warning.

Trust First
Since George W. has withered away whatever trust he once had and John McCain has changed so much no one can recognize him anymore (even those in his own party). The only one we can trust to lead us through two wars, a recession, a backwards culture in Washington and a whole host of problems abroad is none other than Barack Obama.

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