YoRapper Despises Chris Brown and Rick Ross

So TMZ has released the photo of Rihanna after her alleged beat down from Chris Brown, which you can see right over here (viewer’s discretion is advised [sidebar: now I know you’ll click it]. I know Chris Brown has to go to court and all to prove his guilt in this instance but it is not like some random mugger came out of a dark alleyway and beat Rihanna up, so I’ll say this, Chris Brown is one of the worst kind of human beings. I rate beating a female up there with child molestation. I think the order is something like: 1. child molestation 2.child abuse 3. beating up your girl.

I know everyone’s saying his career is over. But look at R.Kelly, didn’t he just do a feature with 50 Cent? Look at how many people give Micheal Jackson a pass. Chris Brown based his career on being the squeeky clean R&B singer who would do anything to please his women and now he’s exposed as a women beater. How fake is that? We can’t give that a pass.

Even Rick Ross is getting a pass. Rick Ross? The guys name isn’t even “Rick Ross”. It’s William Leonard Roberts II. The rapper Rick Ross named himself after a notorious drug dealer from Miami who he didn’t even know. Please read that sentence again. Now I don’t know about you, but that is the lamest thing on Earth. That’s like me changing my rap name to Sean Carter. Hey guys look at me, I’m Sean Carter. I’m a multi-millionaire and I get hed from Beyonce.

Rick Ross is the biggest fraud that I’ve seen thus far. After he was found out to be a corrections officer, a poll taken on this site showed that Ross has a 40% likelihood his career could maintain despite being a corrections officer. Now I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is nothing wrong with being a corrections officer. There is a problem, however, with Rick Ross being one, because his whole rap persona has been predicated on being the “biggest boss that we’ve seen thus far”. Unless he means big bossman then he is the greatest scam in the history of hip hop. He’s made money of the alter-ego that he knows the real Noreiga and good for him, but now that he’s been exposed it is up to all of us to stop supporting this asshole.

Def Jam you should be ashamed of yourselves. You are the label that started hip hop and you continue to support this fraud? I know you have contractual obligations but just pull a “Joe Budden” on him for how many albums he has left. It’s not that hard is it? We’ve seen you tax write off plenty of artists. But I digress…

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “YoRapper Despises Chris Brown and Rick Ross

  1. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you can make a buck. People still will still bump these guys because they don’t feel listening to their music is condoning their actions. What Chris Clown did was uncalled for and Rick False should be done after being total left field. But as long as they make hits no one will care

  2. You know…I think you hit this one right on the money. Too long artists have been getting “passes” for what in the hood you wouldn’t even be able to move back in your house after. I remember just last year a man in Harrisburg beat his wife half to death and when he was released from jail people were protesting and damn near tried to burn down the mans house he lived in. He packed his things and moved out of stated a week later for fear of his life. And sadly I know people deserve chances…but some things you just don’t let slide. Such as murder,rape and domestic violence to name a few. I’m not a big guy…and I don’t know who Chris Brown is friends with. But I’d personally beat the breaks off him in public if I came face to face with him…and then drop my mixtape. lol Ok…now’s not the time for jokes.
    And as far as Rick Ross goes…there’s been a few artists who have taken names of hustlers. Rick Ross being one…also Freeway which was the real Rick Ross’s nickname. 50 Cent even did it. I just don’t understand why a man would ever lie about having a job. Sometimes you gotta take shitty jobs to make ends meet. Furthermore…if I DID have a street hustle…which I don’t…wouldn’t you think you might be able to get some good connections being a “crooked CO”? I’m sure a lot of things go on inside the walls of prison. Some of the most dangerous criminals are police officers and CO’s. But I guess ol Big Boss wasn’t taking that into account when he was trying to just hide from it…these men fail at life. Rick should go back to being a CO. And Chris should…I dunno if I should say…pretty sure this is a family friendly site.

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