YoRapper 3.0: Change Clothes And Go

kim kardashian

Let’s start this post of with a random picture of Kim Kardashian. Okay now that’s out of the way, as you can see, the new re-designed site is up and running and looken’ clean in this Japanese denim. I believe this is the third make over we’ve had in the last 7 months.

I will probably have a few minor tweaks made over the next few weeks, but this is pretty much it. Feel free to click around and explore and if you find any problems just holla. I did notice this site may look messed up if your using Internet Explorer, I suggest you get Firefox, cause Internet Explorer is like the Chingy of internet browsing (Firefox is probably more like the Kanye West). Anyway, I did the changes for all of yall so I hope you like them. I wanted to make the site more easier to read and overall more professional. Let me know if you like this better? And any suggestions to add whatever else is appreciated. Ya digg?

Speaking of Digg, you’ll notice there’s little icons under east post, clicking on them will “bookmark” the post at the respective social bookmarking site.

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30 thoughts on “YoRapper 3.0: Change Clothes And Go

  1. A typical pig, what a piece of crap she is. Here comes Madonna in a new skin bag

  2. love you kim happy birthday day many more to come stay bless you an the familey,you are a beautiful lady,people will all ways say thing,go girl,i would love see you an regg.i would like to see you on the girls in jamaica.tell kloe i love her an lamar i hope to see a familey my neice or nephew soon,kim you have a happy familey.GOD BLESS YOU ALL,hope to see you one day

  3. OMG i cannot belive u went out with justin bieber kim! how was it??? because i love him and i wish 2 b his girlfriend someday.He would change me WHOLE life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Write back!
    Sincerly,Ilovejustinbieber :)

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  7. If you people hate Kim so much then why in the hell would you even visit her website………!!!!????? Get a life and leave hers alone. Jealous Haters… Kim you rock!

  8. Hi, I really like your pic.

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