XXL’s 10 Freshmen Cover

XXL Freshmen cover 1

XXL’s puts their top 10 rap rookies on the three different covers for their December issue. I don’t know about these guys, they are all dope, but usually XXL is wrong on their “upcoming rookie” picks. Usually the rap game works by giving the guy whose been it in the longest, whose been in the background, the major shine. Guys who are rookies and who blow up first year seem to really come out of nowhere.

Here’s their top 10 rookies (in no particular order).
Charles Hamilton
Asher Roth
Cory Gunz
Mickey Factz
Ace Hood
Kid Cudi

More covers inside.

XXL Freshmen cover 2

XXL Freshmen cover 3

One thought on “XXL’s 10 Freshmen Cover

  1. Wale’s word play is on another level

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