Wu-Tang on Beatle’s Sample

The Wu-Tang recently confirmed there latest song of their upcoming album “8 diagram” would be the first time ever an artist was allowed to sample from the Beatles. In this case, famed Wu produced RZA sampled from George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. However, the Wu recently released the following statement clarifying that it isn’t exactly a sample, rather an interpolation. Taken from Wu-Tang’s myspace page,

**We didn’t Sample the Beatles, it was a replay, pardon**

The statement that we made yesterday was incorrect and we apologize for any confusion it may have caused. We DID NOT sample the Beatles, i repeat, we DID NOT sample the Beatles, rather we did an INTERPOLATION of the classic George Harrison composition ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps.’ In a historic collaboration, Dhani Harrison, son of George, through his friendship with the RZA, played guitar on the song and he himself helped secure the REUSE LICENSE. Also appearing on the song are John Frusciante, guitar player for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Erykah Badu singing the chorus. To satisfy everyone’s curiosity, the song will be streamed exclusively on loud.com tonight. It will be the first single and video from the forthcoming album ‘8 Diagrams’ in stores December 4.
Thanks again to Dhani Harrison and the Harrison Estate for helping us make history.

Although most of you probably have no idea what this means, just take it as a sneaky reminder of the upcoming Wu album “8 Diagrams” dropping Demember 4th. Thank god, all this Soulja Boy nonsense is getting out of hand.

You can listen to the track here, it’s called “Heart Gently Weeps” ft. Erikah Badu:
[flashvideo file=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKI8s7NDrhs /]


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