Why Kid Cudi Left GOOD Music

Considering most unsigned rappers would sell their unborn children to sign to Kanye’s GOOD Music, it’s interesting to see GOOD’s marquee artist abandon ship. I’m not saying GOOD is sinking it is probably rising but why would Cudi leave now? And where is he going?

Cudi’s always been a strange artist. When he first blew in ’07 many thought he was a Drake clone -with the singing and rapping. However, over the years since Cudi has developed a cult following among what we’ll call “stoner youtube kids”. And this is awesome. A niche following of people that spend all their time getting high and finding new music on youtube isn’t a bad fanbase, in fact its probably the best and it aligns perfectly with Kanye and GOOD. So why would Cudi bolt?

He’s rich as fuck.

I remember an interview where Cudi said he could retire after 808s & Heartbreak and his acting gig Made in America. This was in 2008, before Cudi’s cult following really solidified itself. Now that Cudi has the financial independence and an underground fanbase and its clear he’s not competing with Drake: he doesn’t see a need to be in Kanye’s big headed shadow. He can get even richer setting up his own boutique label with some major and continue to push Big Chip – a mission he’s be on since the beginning of time.

I’m sure Cudi will never have a mainstream hit again but it doesn’t matter the youtube stoner kids will support him enough that he can buy tons of weed and a porche.

I wonder where this leaves GOOD though? Clearly, its roaster isn’t in the best shape.

Big Sean whose the “star player” isn’t liked by anyone with actual taste, just dumb kids who’ll be replaced by dumber kids in three years.

Cyhi just can’t write a good song if his life depended on it.

Pusha T is lost in his own arrogance that he forgets he’s supposed to make a good song.

Common is a joke.

Travis Scott. He seems like the heir apparent. But I have to hear more. Even though I’ve heard 20 Travis Scott records already and enjoyed them to varying degrees, the thing about Travis is he’s a Kanye stand in. When Kanye’s too busy having babies with Kim Kakes: turn on a Travis Scott song to get that Kanye feeling – but not quite. Travis is an idiot. His lyrics don’t say anything entertaining or memorable or intelligent. So its hard to see the repeat value in his songs. The good thing about Travis is he’s young and in the next few years may read a book or converse with people smarter than him which may help him create songs that connect. That’s really the thing that were waiting for. Travis clearly has the production chops, voice and flow to be the star-player on GOOD but he still needs to find himself. But don’t we all?

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