Why Is Every Rapper Gay?

So if you haven’t heard, Xzibit claims Diddy took him to a gay bar and N.o.r.e said “Ain’t nothing wrong with loving cock. I got friends who love cock. I done records with Kanye West”. Now first of all what songs had Nore done with Kanye? Secondly, why are these 2nd rate rappers hitting the “usual suspects” with the gay stick? Everyone loves to secretly talk about how the biggest artists are homos, everyone from Dr. Dre, Diddy, Kanye, Ne-Yo, next people will be saying Jay-Z is gay. No way in hell Diddy or Kanye or even Ne-Yo are gay. Honestly, this madness has to stop.

Joe Budden Sucks

What’s with all the Joe Budden hate. I was on a big gay rap site and saw a blog about why Joe Budden will never blow up and the guy compared the hype Lil Wayne had during The Carter 3 with Budden’s buzz for Padded Room. This guy was going on and on about how Lil Wayne was everywhere when The Carter 3 dropped and that no one even knows Padded Room just dropped. Ah dude, Budden is on an independent label which has a fraction of the dollars that Universal puts into that junkie Weezy. The funny thing about it is the guy said he ran his own business and knew how marketing worked. Go figure?

Padded Room Sales Predictions
Now I’m not saying Padded Room is going to go platinum in a week. But it should sell around 30 to 40k which is respectable for his label and the amount of internet buzz he generates. I just saw on Itunes it was in the #15 position overall and #2 in hip hop. It is also #5 in the hip hop section on Amazon. I’m sure that’s better than Soulja Boy did on his second time around.

Is Killa Cam really back?
The internet has been hit with a sudden barrage of new Cam’ron material from his new album Crime Pays. From the looks of it, he seems more humble this time around but from the sounds of it seems like he’s somewhere between Purple Haze and Killa Season. Cam needs to get back to his Come Home With Me days in order to rekindle the flame.

Rick Ross vs 50 Cent Beef
Thank god that crap is over with. Apparently now the are both dropping their albums around the same time. Wow where have seen this play before. It should be interesting to see who out sells who. I’m putting my money on Fifty.

3 thoughts on “Why Is Every Rapper Gay?

  1. Real talk, I always felt Dre may be a possibility, but Xizibit should be lucky diddiy would even hang out with him, after concentrate came out I can’t take dude seriously, and yeah even after seeing him on pimp my ride i was looking for his Koch album a little. and Also if he’s claiming diddy is gay because he went to a gay bar, no famous gay person in the closet with half a brain would be going to a gay bar for obvious fucking reasons. And also imma take this quote you had here “It should be interesting to see who out sells who.” and say “It should be interesting if both these guys retire after they’re albums flop”
    And in terms of Padded room i saw an interview he had, is the only way can get this is go to Best buy or download it?
    Also my dad just woke up saw the pu$$y ad on the side or me reading about Gays
    What the fuck are you looking at under my computer? haha

  2. Who the fuck wrote this bullshit. I heard the interview on VLADTV. Nore didnt say that shit! He didnt mention Kanye’s motherfuckin name. Whoever wrote this is a BITCH! Stop spreadin rumors on this wack ass site!

  3. Most gay. Black men hace hetrosexual relationships as a cover up and will never openly admit to being gay like white folks.These big time rappers have maitained their staus by being members of a secret society that worship the devil and one of the core initiation requirement is gay sex. Please do your research and prove me wrong

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