Why I No Longer Care Rick Ross is a Fake

There was a time when this blog had a ban on all Ross material after it was discovered he moonlighted as a corrections officer. As a rap fan, I felt betrayed. It was almost like the day I found out wrestling was fake. But then I realized just because I found out wrestling is fake, doesn’t take away from the joy watching it gave me when I was a kid. I’m sure if I didn’t substitute watching wrestling with something else (porn), I’d still be watching wrestling even though I know it’s fake (because porn/movies/tv is fake).

In the same vein, I can no longer hate on Ross anymore because even though he was proven to be a fraud, the “entertainment value” Rick Ross provides the hip hop community is undeniable. On a side note, his strategy for overcoming his secret was brilliant because one would have expected Ross to pull back and take on a more realistic narrative as any normal person would when caught lying. Now I’m not sure if Ross was giving this advice by some genius marketeer or what (just smoked too much) instead of becoming an every day type rapper like a J.Cole, he amplified his gangster persona.

I mean there’s actually a song on Meek Mills mixtape called “Body Count”, in which Ross claims his body count is in the double digits! But guess what it doesn’t matter because it sounds good. I can even listen to Ross in good conscious now because I know he’s just lying about being a mass serial killer. So Ross get more guns, sell more drugs and fuck more bad bitches!


3 thoughts on “Why I No Longer Care Rick Ross is a Fake

  1. I didn’t really feel betrayed when Rick Ross was exposed and neither did I when I realized wrestling was fake (which I don’t even remember, likely gradual instead of an aha!). I kind of thought he wasn’t telling the truth because I was like a “dumb black man selling drugs would still be in prison instead of rapping”. I thought it was mad hilarious because of the irony of him being a CO so I sided with everyone against him. I still like to joke about him being a CO. I think you are right about how sticking with his lie benefited him greatly.

  2. I don’t know I still really can’t fuck with him, I’ll now at least admit if he makes a good song, but the fact he just makes the same shit repeatedly significantly decreases the likeliehood of me listening anyhow.
    I just think it makes hip hop look bad as a whole that he can get away with lieing about that you know?

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