Who’s The Richest Rapper in 2011?

Looks like Jay-Z is taking the cake again as Forbes has released the list of the top earning hip hop artist. Check out the complete list below.

Jay-Z – $37M
Diddy – $35M
Kanye West – $16M
Lil Wayne – $15M (tie)
Birdman – $15M (tie)
Eminem – $14M (tie)
Snoop Dogg $14M (tie)
Dr. Dre $14M (tie)
Akon – $13M
Ludacris – $12M
Wiz Khalifa – $11M (tie)
Drake – $11M (tie)
Pharrell Williams – $10M
Timbaland – $7M
Swizz Beatz – $6.5M
Nicki Minaj – $6.5M
Rick Ross – $6M (tie)
50 Cent – $6M (tie)
Pitbull – $6M (tie)
T-Pain – $5M
B.o.B – $5M


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  1. Just like everything they talk about in Watch the Throne

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