Who Needs Itunes When You Have Google?

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We all know where to go to download new music, but where do we go to download the classic stuff? Most of us have Ready to Die on cd or tape already and would probably go out and buy it again if we lost it. Tonight for example, I was looking for Biggie’s Life After Death album and didn’t feel like going through my cd collection (which is more like a music store [sidebar: yes kids music used to be sold in stores at the mall]), so what did I do? Hit up Big G aka Google.

So how does one search for Biggie’s Life After Death? You could be a lamo and just type in “life after death“, but that’s just going to be an epic fail. You can try to search for Notorious Big Life After Death, but that’s just going to bring sites selling the album. The keyword you have to add to your search is the name of sites that the bootleggers have uploaded the album to (i.e rapidshare, megaupload, zshare, etc).

You may have to click the first few results that pop up and look around but sure enough you’ll be downloading a classic album like Biggie’s Life After Death in seconds. I’ve tried this with every old hip hop album (older than 10 years) and have found links to all of them (I of course didn’t download any of them because that would be wrong). Now get your Google on.

This is where I say “Give Props” and you write “Props” in the comment section.

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  1. you can also put the file type (probably not as effective), it works. Props

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