Who is the Greatest Weed Carrier?

Yoda smoking Weed

The debate of who is the greatest rapper of all time circles around the hip hop community every single minute of every single day. While a worthwhile endeavor, I believe the better debate is who is the greatest weed carrier? Think about it, you became a millionaire by carrying the stash around for your friend who just happens to be a multi-platinum selling rapper. All yall dudes out there wishing to become a rap star need to reevaluate, yall should actually be-friending a rapper better than you and carry his weed around as the definitive road to riches. Which hip hop personality has made such a wise choice? YoRapper’s first poll and your input hopes to answer such a deeply thought provoking question.


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One thought on “Who is the Greatest Weed Carrier?

  1. Looks like people are voting based on who's weed these cats carried…

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