Who Is The Biggest Selling Rapper of All Time?

4. Outkast
Outkast album sales
22 Million Albums Sold
6 albums released
Average: 2.7 million

The best Southern group ever. While Outkast we’re on a creative high for much of the 90’s and early 2000’s, they haven’t released an album since 2006’s Idlewild, which just squeaked by platinum. To put that number into perspective, Outkast’s previous album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below scanned 11 million units.

3. Jay-Z
Jay-Z album sales
27 Million Albums Sold
11 solo albums, 4 collabo albums, 5 compliation albums
Average: 2.5 million

Jay-Z maybe worth half a billion dollars, married to the hottest chick in the game Beyonce, recognized as one of the greatest rappers of all time, but he still doesn’t have one accolade: the top sales slot. It’s okay, because aside from likely winning the world’s greatest dad in 2016, Jay-Z will probably lock in that number two spot by then.

2. Eminem
Eminem album sales
35 Million Albums Sold
7 albums released
Average: 5 million

Eminem has had an amazing run over the last few years after almost quiting rap in 2006 after almost succumbing to a drug addiction to coming back to the forefront releasing chart topping albums in both 2010 and 2011. It is extremely likely that Eminem will surpass Tupac with his next three albums.

1. 2 Pac
Tupac album sales
38 Million Albums Sold
11 albums released
Average: 3.5 million

Having released 6 albums while alive, and 8 albums posthumous, Pac is the Elvis of Hip Hop. Considering Tupac hasn’t been alive since 1996, it is pretty remarkable and a testament to his music that in 2011 he’s still the #1 selling rapper of all time. All eyes on him.

*All numbers taken from RIAA and are only US sales.

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212 thoughts on “Who Is The Biggest Selling Rapper of All Time?

    are 6 Albums to ever see “Diamond Status” (10 million copies sold on one album) from first to
    last (2 Pac – All Eyez On Me 14xP) (Biggie Smalls – Life After Death 10xP) (Nelly – Nellyville 11xP) (Eminem – Eminem
    Show 13xP) (50 Cent – Get Rich Or Die Tryin12XP) (Outkast – Speakerboxx 11xP) WOW!
    These artist barely go “GOLD” these days! lol

  2. Pac sold around 80 million copies in the world, Em sold around 110 mln. What’s wrong with this list? http://bestteneverything.com/top-ten-best-selling-rappers-of-all-time/ – this is the BEST and TRUEST list about counting sales in America, though a bit old

    1. this is albums sales only in the USA

      this list is correct…

  3. Eminem only has that many sells because white people don’t mind listening to a white man but tell me what white person is going to buy a album about a black man problems not to mention it was the 90s

    1. You’re an idiot. Eminem deserves a lot of respect in the rap game.

  4. wtf is wrong with u peolple…Eminem sold around 110 solo

    1. this is albums sales only in the USA

      this list is correct.

    2. yea, but Pac did sold all his albums without the internet!!! big ass difference

  5. Eminem has sold more albums but these are U.S sales

  6. this is albums sales only in the USA

    this list is correct.

    but if u count everything and worldwide then Em wins

  7. guess eminem has sold more albums than pac

    1. Pac last had access to a mic and studio almost 20yrs ago.

  8. Can some of you read? This list was from 2007 and at the time Tupac WAS the biggest selling rapper of all time! He was also the biggest selling Rapper of the 90’s. Please stop the stupidity with always trying to compare Pac to Em! Tupac and Eminem are two different artists, with different life experiences, and different styles.. These two men are so different and Eminem came years after Pac, He studied Pac and was inspired by Tupac. Eminem is still here making new music. Tupac past over two decades but what Pac was able to accomplish as a young black male was astonishing! He still is the most Inspiration and relevant rap artist of all time!

    1. yes… also Pac sold all his albums without the internet… imagine if he was still making albums in the internet era?? hed be ahead of everyone

  9. Eminem was the perfect storm of selling power and dream come true for music executives. Regardless of political correctness, white kids were going to spend their parent’s money to buy his songs. This brought in a flood of new “hip hop” fans and will forever in our lifetime make Eminem the highest paid hip hop artist of his time.

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