Who Is The Biggest Selling Rapper of All Time?

9. DMX
Dmx album sales
14 Million Albums Sold
6 albums released
Average: 2.3 million

Keep in mind he’s only had about three albums that mattered. As of now, DMX is a liability as he keeps going to jail and is battling substance abuse, so it’s unlikely he’ll get the major push to move major units again.

8. MC Hammer
Mc Hammer album sales
16 Million Albums Sold
10 albums released
Average: 1.6 million

Only five of this dudes albums sold and his third album Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em featuring the hit “U Can’t Touch This” went Diamond, that’s 10 million albums! How did this guy go broke? Actually Hammer isn’t broke anymore, he’s investing in tech start-ups.

7. Notorious B.I.G.
Biggie album sales
17 Million Albums Sold
3 albums released
Average: 5.7 million

Really only 2 albums, since the third one was Diddy’s attempt to capitalize. What’s interesting is that even though Biggie is #7 on the list, he does have the highest album selling average, even beating out Eminem.

6. Nelly
Nelly album sales
21 Million Albums Sold
6 albums released
Average: 3.5 million

While many in the hardcore hip hop circles like to degrade Nelly’s rap skills, you have to give him credit for bringing sing-song style rap to the forefront inspiring countless rappers.

5. Beastie Boys
Beastie Boys sales
22 Million Albums Sold
9 albums released
Average: 2.4 million

The blueprint of cool white rap. Will the world see another white rap group takeover? Probably, but not on the scale that the Beastie Boys did it.

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