White Girl Gets Wild in Jamaica

Big up to my Jamaicans. This girl has to be from the T.dot, but could from anywhere apparently white girls who are tourists act crazy when they go to Jamaica.

6 thoughts on “White Girl Gets Wild in Jamaica

  1. That’s kinda sickening…she doesn’t seem down for all of that…haha. I guess she kind of asked for it but damn

  2. Typical white western skank, please take the bitches off our ears and wallets, under each arm preferably.
    threw up in my mouth a bit

  3. gosh man, i never thought them white chicks like these madness, i felt so sorry for her, but it was she who liked it i guess

    go niggas,

  4. Everyone wants to have fun even white girls, no worries their boyfriends or husbands will have fun as well looking for good reliable urologist trying to get rid of the bucket of different STDs they will get from their better halfs…

  5. Why That Little Boy Was So Hard

  6. Typical, everyday, garden-variety worthless piece of shot mudshark, walking STD petri dish.

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