Where to Buy Trukfit?

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of Lil Wayne’s new clothing line Trukfit. Inspired by a fusion of hip hop and skate culture, the line is about being fun, vibrant and colorful.

Here are some of the places online to buy Trukfit.

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Karmaloop has a good selection of Trukfit including t-shirsts, snapbacks and cargo shorts.

Ebay has lots of Trukfit snapbacks and hats that are cheaper than elsewhere.

Trukfit’s website sells directly as well. However, I don’t recommend it as the prices are higher than other sites.


Trukfit is known for their fresh take on the snapback. Here is our list of the top 3 Trukfit snapbacks.

1. Camo Culture Snapback

2. Feelin Spacey Black Snapback

3. Filthy Chenille Heather Grey Snapback

Bonus: Lil Wayne explains why he choose the name “Trukfit” for his clothing line.

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One thought on “Where to Buy Trukfit?

  1. sorry
    Could u offer me TRUKFIT shops addresses?
    Is there any shop in CANADA?

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