What It’s Really Like To Be Black In America

Black America

Ye Ain’t Need CNN To See Black In America

So if yall saw part 1 of CNN’s Black In America it was a decent shot at the Black experience in the US though at times it was a little cliche. Some of the numbers are shocking though and put into perspective show how messed up the struggle really is. Peep the math.

In America, a person is murdered every 30 seconds with 49% of the victims being black. This means that about half of all people murdered in the US are black. Now I did some quick calculations and this means that,

    Every minute 1 black man is killed
    Every hour about 59 black men are killed
    Every day 1416 black men are killed
    Every year 515,088 black men are killed

Now let’s put these numbers into more perspective. Black people only make up 13% of the total population of the US. 13 measly percent and account for half of all murders! Let me say this another way, a million people are killed every year and over 500,000 of them are black! This is self-inflicted genocide. I never really knew the numbers were this crazy and pray that my math is wrong, but why the hell are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson protesting about police brutality all the time, when they need to be protesting against black brutality? But then again, why would we leave it up to someone else to solve our problems? We can solve them ourselves right?

Now on the flip side, the overwhelming majority of black people in America are not getting murdered, not committing crimes, not on welfare, and not poor. In fact if you reading this you ain’t no thug, so congratulations. Now let’s all tell our cousin Ray-Ray to stop the violence. Thug motivation 101.

Watch the full version of CNN Presents Black in America Part 1

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