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7 thoughts on “YoRapper Poll

  1. Yo whoever voted Hot chicks get a fucking life, fucking tom and jerry bullshit.

  2. murphy may catch an e-beat down.

  3. LMAOOOOOOOO!!! The homie Yorapper voted hot chicks like 5 times!

  4. Haha nah. I voted “more music”.

    But real talk who the hell voted more chicks?

  5. lmfao people probably voted because i said not too, sorry if that was the case. not gonna front though the best this about this site are your reviews, lmfao the one liners hating on the songs but then in the end you’re like id say check it out. Why would you come to a Music site, just to look at “hot chicks”, come on go outside or to the dating sites posted on this site. they aint even fucking naked on this site, go to a porno site, fucking go to bangbros, bigsausagepizza got naked girls and good for a laugh. Nah like real talk, break some new artists in on here, fucking let us hear that new new shit before it gets old, you are the trendsetter don’t let some stuck up bitch you never even met tell you how to dictate what hip hop is man, fuck that. Also i’m sorry i keep writing essays i got the flu and madd bored. but what do yall think?

  6. Haha thanks Murph. But I’m closing this poll down, it’s all messed up anyway.

  7. hot topic was selling white splash lil wayne zip up hoodies. I missed buying one by a few days! Now I spend my time searching the internet for one new, used dirty,you name it I have tried. All I can find is black and ones w/o zipper. I live in south texas. If I wear one with out zipper I will end up in hosp w/ heat stroke. Please help me find one.thx,phoebe

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