What a Surprise Lil Wayne’s Lollipop Wins Best Video!

Lil Wayne wins VMA

We all predicted that Weezy would win the Best Hip Hop Video at the VMA’s last night, I just have trouble believing the nominees were actually the best of 2008. Was Lollipop the best hip hop video made in the last year? Really? Even though I’m kinda of ranting, I actually can’t think of any good videos in the last year that would qualify for best hip hop video. I think this last year will go down as the year of the “youtube” video, where people just did low budget things, shot with they cell phone camera.

For next year though, they better have that new Common joint Announcement or even his newer song called UMC (which is friggin nasty) and that new T-Pain/Wayne joint as choices. But we’ll see who MTV picks as their hip hop darling for 2009.

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