Welcome to the New YoRapper

Okay it’s 3:03 am in the morning and I’ve hacked together this new design building on the old one. The home page in particular was bothering me because I felt we looked too “worldstar”, where I believe our power lies in the shit we say.

I am sorry I strayed away from my original objective of providing amazing content, I am going back to this site’s purpose and I hope this redesign is the start.

Other sites provide leaks, news, videos and they do a great job of it. But I feel they don’t provide commentary. They don’t provide taste. While this has always been our focus, it has become clearer than ever.

To all the heads that have been around since 2007, I sincerely love you as this site has changed my life. For all the new heads, let’s light one up.

Sincerely yours,


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3 thoughts on “Welcome to the New YoRapper

  1. great news. i always loved yorapper for his insightful thoughts and opionion. good to hear its going back to its root to provide some lolz. 
    btw u should add a comment button on the main site to your posts. its missing. had to click on the topic so i could comment.

    1. That feels really good to hear fam, going to fuck some shit up. 

      Yes you’re right about the comment button, just added it. Thank you.

  2. Haven’t been on the site in a while…diggin the new layout though. Do it up!

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