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Wad up yall, ya boy here, I’m having a great time running this site but I need some motivation. And by motivation I mean we need more comments. I know mad people are coming to the site from the stats but why are yall so shy? C’mon say something.

Just to get the discussion going, I’m going to be giving $50 USD to whoever makes the most comments from now (October 26th) until November 30th, 2009. The one condition is you can’t write bullshit comments like “first” or “hi” or “lil wayne I love you!”, they must be on-topic and at least two sentences long.

I’ll be approving the comments so no shenanigans. The winner will be paid by PayPal, so if you don’t have an account don’t bother playing.

To enter the contest simply subscribe to YoRapper using Feedburner and make sure you use the same email you make comments with. Enter your email in the box below.

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Ok now let’s get this comment party started shall we?

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7 thoughts on “Get $50 For Making a Comment

  1. danm do they gotta be two sentances? what about run-on’s? I don’t really like signing up for shit like this, but I trust you, also what the fuck was up with the comments all last month?

  2. and whats good with a royce review? and this ain’t on topic so i’m not just writing it to write it, real talk, Am I gonna have to write the review and send it you youre ass

  3. Comments we’re messed up for the last few weeks due to some technical glitch. It’s fixed up now.

    And Street Hop review is in the works!!

  4. dayum my comment i didn’t press enter but here it was
    Lil Wayne I luuuuuuuuuuuve UUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry I had to do it

  5. Damn homie…I leave for a few weeks and I come back to this? What’s goin on? lol

  6. Haha! Just tryna build a community!

  7. lil wayne shuld get a tear drop 4 static!!

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