Waka Flocka feat. Diddy and Rick Ross “O Lets Do It” Video

Wacker Rapper teams up with Puffy and Richard for the remix to “O Lets Do It”. For the record, Diddy’s verse is awesome.

[flashvideo file=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REr0ahPII8o&feature=player_embedded /]


10 thoughts on “Waka Flocka feat. Diddy and Rick Ross “O Lets Do It” Video

  1. This is the greatest thing humanity has ever accomplished. Eat it, murph!

  2. yes it really is.

  3. @silenceofthelam no the state vs radric davis is.

  4. seriously, who the fuck can hate on this song?

    so much props to flocka nigga just got that NICE boost in the game

  5. Wow…Diddy’s verse hurt my feelings. Might be one of his best one’s ever hands down…

  6. Seriously Diddy got his moneys worth this time. the verse is tight

  7. Ok…somethin else I just noticed. Why all the posts with Wocka Flocka got like 15+ responses? Where’s the love for the GOOD posts? lol

  8. and…. Wacka Flocka’s energy penetrates the blogosphere

  9. Oh lets do it… my bad!

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