The Truth About Gamefly


Service: Unlimited Video Game Rentals
Gamefly Review Rating: 4/5
Cost: $7.95 per month for first month/ $15.95 per month afterwards
Shipping Cost: Free
Late Fees: No
Special Offer: Try GameFly for Free

What is GameFly?

GameFly provides unlimited video game rentals through a mail-in service. Basically you go to their website choose which video game you want and they mail the game to you. When you are done with the game you send it back in a pre-paid postage envelope they provide. I personally love free shipping on the internet so it was a major bonus that I didn’t have to pay for a game to be shipped to me or for it to be shipped back.

Quality, Selection & Service

GameFly has a huge selection of over 8,000 titles. This pretty much makes them the “Blockbuster of Video Games”. They also have pretty fast delivery times so I wasn’t waiting too long to receive a game, though I live in a downtown area so the mail maybe faster here. I also didn’t have any trouble getting any game I wanted, though I have heard that some people have had to wait to get newer games. A good idea is to book as many games as you can well in advance so you are never waiting for games and are getting your money’s worth.


On average I would say I rented 5 to 6 games a month which if I rented from an actual store would cost almost $40 bucks a month. Game Fly charged me a flat fee of only $8.95 per month for the first month and then charged me $15.95 for each month after. I was kinda pissed about the price increase after a month, but it is still pretty cheap for renting 5 to 6 games in a month. From my math it works out to about $2.50 to $3.50 per game. Compare this to renting a game from the store where it would cost $6 to $7 bucks. This alone saved me 50% in video game rental costs!

Game Consoles Covered

Gamefly has games for every major console currently on the market including: Playstation 3 (PS3), Playstation 2 (PS2), Playstation Portable (PSP), XBox 360, Nintendo Wii, Game Cube, Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance.

Cancelling GameFly

I haven’t canceled them yet, so I can’t vouch for how they are with cancellations. But from their site they say, you can cancel at anytime and their will be no cancellation fees of any sort.


Since Gamefly has become successful, other companies such as Gamemine are throwing their hat into the gaming arena. We recently reviewed Gamemine which actually turned out to be cheaper than Gamefly, although does have its own drawbacks.

Should You Get GameFly?

I don’t want this Gamefly review to be overly positive, but if you are renting and buying games on a regular basis and you get sick of games easily, you should definitely try this out because the cost savings and gaming experience are obviously there. The average game cost between $40 and $70 to buy and after you finish it, you probably won’t play it again. By paying $8.95 for the first month and then $15.95 for each month after, in a year you pay $184.40 for unlimited video game rentals -this would be the cost to buy about 3 or 4 games. In my books this is a good deal.

Currently GameFly is offering us a free trial which I highly recommend you try as it will give you an idea of how it works. For more details on GameFly and to try out this special offer see below.

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75 thoughts on “The Truth About Gamefly

  1. Geez! to some of those bickering first graders above. Grow up and stick to the facts. Just post the basics: How long have you’ve used GF; how many games/month do you rent; what city/region are you from (for mailing time comparison/e.g. Nome, Alaska or Los Angeles); how’s the quality & selection; how’s customer service; and what’s been your average wait time experience with GF’s queue? What’s your overall score out of 10? 8/10?…3/10. Looking for clear, objective evaluations without all the hyperbole.

  2. they never had any of the games i wanted to rent, it is great for someone who just plays all games all the time,

  3. I like Gamefly’s mail rental concept, however I have been thoroughly displeased with their service. I live in North Carolina, the distribution area is in PA yet it has taken 1 week for me to receive my games (2 disc deal) and 1 week for them to receive them back.  This allows little rental time within the month to get more than 4 games for me. 

    1. Damn that’s rough takes me about 2-3 days to get my games

  4. I’ve been using GF for the last 3 years and have had no problems getting games. It’s an amazing service. Really happy with it!

  5. I have a question… Is it 15.95 per month with unlimited games during that month or is it 15.95 a month plus additional charges per extra game? Because I want to try GameFly but I’m on a pretty tight income and I don’t want to start paying a flat rate that has surprise charges…

    1. Nope just for the month and it’s unlimited games as in you can send and receive as many as you can fit in that month

  6. IJDK (I just don’t know) If i was to rent a game like madden or nba 2k13 I’d want to keep that game longer than a month but the money would be just adding up the longer I keep it you know what I mean? so IDK MAN

  7. Gamefly makes pc gaming look stupid and i love to play on my pc.

  8. gamfly takes way 2 long I live in youngstown ohio the closest building is in Pittsburgh so why does it take 5 days in order to me to get my game anyways it take that extra 3 days to send the game I already had back so for me Gamefly needs to improve on their shipping services on the other hand it does help me try games before I buy them but it is extremely difficult to rent the newer games so all in all game fly gets about A 2 out of 5 from me that’s just my opinion from the experience that I have

    1. Ive never had that problem. Ive been wi gamefly for almost 2 years now and if my game ships on like a monday, it will be here no later than wednesday. Of course every once in a while it will take a day or two longer, but for the most part, 2 days. Also, i live in michigan, so its pretty much the same distance.

  9. Gamefly takes forever and their shipping method is terrible. you mail games back it takes them over 4 days to get them then 2 days to get a game back out to you.

  10. Takes 2 days to decide what game to send you. (usually not from your top 3). Takes 3 days to arrive. Takes another 3 days to send the game back. Then the cycle starts all over. Also forget about getting games released within the month. If you have 1 game out at a time, your looking at attaining 2 MAYBE 3 games in a month. Unless they get their shipping sorted out. It’s only worth about $5/month for me. I only use it when I have a special offer. (This is from Phoenix, AZ)
    Rate: 5/10
    7/10 if they improved the price or shipping structure

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