Vanessa Veasley Winked At Me

Vanessa Veasley

Owwwww. I just want to say one thing, Black women are beautiful. Forget what the media tells you!!!!

Oh and yeah Weekend Jumpoff. Go get ya some. I’m bout to hit the club, shout out my nagga Durel on his b-day, hit me on the boost mobile.

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6 thoughts on “Vanessa Veasley Winked At Me

  1. Dam u rite black women are beautiful!!!

  2. Yeah! Shawty is a 10! I love the sistas:) They always are beautiful to me even when it seems so trendy to love the asain and brazilian chicas. I’m Puerto Rican and I love the sistas if yall won’t. Yep yep!

  3. To be exact she’s Jamaican, Irish, and Dominican. Ouch! Gotta LOVE MY SISTAS!!!! Muuuuuuah baby! Vanessa Veasley is the shit!

  4. baby baby baby u given a whole new meanin 2 black and beautiful

  5. i love blackwoen photos

  6. ok, so whats your point? Not hating or nothing but every girl is beautiful you just got to let them realise that it’s a man’s world

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