Trophy Chick vs Good Chick

Esther Baxter

Today I want to get yall fools opinion on mate selection, particularly on the question of whether to wife a trophy chick or a good chick. The question breaks down into do you want a women that looks good or a women that is good for you?

Now all men, no matter how good your relationship with your girlfriend or wifey is, are tempted by the trophy chick. I would even say, the majority of guys would cheat on their wifey for their dream trophy chick. I know if Ester Baxter was hollarin’ for a one night stand, I would suspend my relationship coverage with my girl for an hour or two (hopefully she doesn’t read this and if she does that was just a lie). I, however, wouldn’t wife Ester Baxter as I do not know if she would be a good match for me, though I’m sure she would make a fine wifey (I hope Ester’s reading this). Simply put, the trophy chick is what we all aspire to have on a purely sexual attraction basis. It is nothing more than a physical thing and is as if our penis had full reign of our decision making process -which is similar to how we acted during puberty.

Now the good chick, on the other hand, is someone who you are still physically attracted too, but not as much as the trophy chick. The good chick, however, has additional qualities that the trophy chick does not have. These qualities can include things like good personality, someone you get along with, intelligence, would make for a good mother, a good wife, a good cook, whatever. Just know they cannot be your dream girl on a purely physical basis, because the overwhelming majority of dudes can’t bag a trophy chick (Damn that Jay-Z for that Beyonce pull -though I have suspicion Beyonce is a friggen weirdo). Now having a choice between these two types, which one would you choose?

I personally, would choose, the good chick. Not only because I have a good chick now, but because like I said in my previous post about successful relationships that having a good women in your life will lead to you becoming successful in all other parts of your life. You see something strange happens when you have the right chick in your life, I hate to say this, but you have something to live for in a sense. I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying, “behind every strong man, is an even stronger women” (is that how it goes?). The gist of this axiom is that men really live for women and that they ultimately inspire us to achieve greatness.

In the last G-Unit mixtape, Return of the Bodysnatches, Tony Yayo (of all people) on the track,
“Make Me Feel Good” says, “The cars, the foreign cars, European cars, the jewelry, the big homes, we do all this shit for the b!tches if you think about it, from the shape up to the sneakers” And it’s true. We wouldn’t get fly for other guys that’s just ghey, we do it for the women. We all want to get our mama out the hood, we all want to take our down girl from the hood and put them up in mansions and give them crazy shopping sprees. If you have a good girl, she will be the source for your motivation that makes you push yourself to do better. Find a girl that doesn’t inspire you and the opposite will be true.

But what do you degenerates think?

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6 thoughts on “Trophy Chick vs Good Chick

  1. good blog but i would still take the trophy chick megain good, beyonce, esther baxter etc, to hard to resist even though most trophy chicks i had were drama queen. mmmm wait a minute maybe your right……

  2. i found this article Very interesting, but i have to admit i`m cool with my girlfriend but if i meet esther somewhere and she propose me to spend a night in his crib i wouldn`t refuse her proposition, plus maybe i wouldn`t come back home anymore….Anyway i think u r right about the comment, peace

  3. I think everything you’ve said here is very well laid out. Here’s the problem, women don’t like cheaters, yet you say (even if it is a lie) that you would spend an hour or two with Ester Baxter. I love my girlfriend and will most likely marry her, but guess what? Given a chance I’d spend that hour or two with Ester also. This is the nature of man, we are visually attracted to the most genetically outstanding females it’s part of our nature as part of natural select and the improved evolution of our species to want mate and procreate with them. But as it would be societal suicide to procreate with every hot women we came across it then becomes an act of boosting our egos to a higher realm. In the human male society we become the alpha male because we can have any “bitch” excuse the term (referring to the animalistic context) we want, that earns the ultimate respect. Like it or not we are animals; we are governed by some basic primitive behaviors. The problem with this is that cheating is seen as the ultimate betrayal so this exploration comes at a very high cost, even though we wouldn’t want to marry or stay with these trophy women the attraction can be very difficult to ignore, especially when it is reciprocated. As we men get older we realize that sex and making love are two very separate acts, whilst making love is superior to sex alone, we derive a high level of satisfaction from the act of sex. Anyway, I could go on forever on this, the bottom line is, all men given a chance would bag the trophy chick for that hour or two of satisfaction, but do so risking to lose a lifetime of happiness with the woman they love. Some men are better at avoiding these situations than others It’s a difficult balance because the ultimate betrayal for a man is the woman he loves bagging that trophy man… even if it’s for an hour or two. Peace brothers.

  4. So to conclude my point, I’d take the good chick because the trophy chick can’t match up. Although my good chick is also a trophy chick so I guess I should’ve just left this one alone.

  5. I’d like to have a bit of both, cause I don’t think it has to be one or the other.

  6. I’d take the trophy wife any day of the week. Who said that the trophy chick can’t be a good chick too?

    I’d have to have the both in one, otherwise why even get married if it’s not to the woman of your dreams?

    The woman of my dreams would have both qualities.
    Otherwise I would be settling and wold always wonder, WHAT IF?

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