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Twitter has become the best way to keep up with your favorite rappers. Since hip hop is such a competitive sport, I thought it would be a good idea to put together this list of the top rappers on twitter with over 100k followers. Why over 100k you ask? Because I find most rappers under 100k are regional acts.

Anyway, in the number one slot is Nicki Minaj with over 9.6 million followers and in the last spot at #64 is Method Man with 110k followers.

What I am most surprised by is Jim Jones having 2.4 million followers, I thought he was a 400k type rapper lol. In fact, he has 20 times the amount of followers as Cam’ron, who was the de facto leader in Dip Set. Jim’s follower account is likely due to his early adoption of twitter and his appearances on his wife’s VH1 show “Love & Hip Hop”.

Also of note is Mac Miller, who is the only independent artist with over a million followers and quickly approaching 2 million. Who needs radio to play your record a billion times a day to sell records? Not Mac.

If you want to follow any of these rappers just click on their twitter name. Also if we are missing any rapper over 100k followers, let us know in the comments section.

Update: Whoops, I made a boo-boo. It seems I’ve missed a few rappers and the comments section has caught fire, so I’ve painstakingly updated the list. For a future post, I’m going to see if there’s a correlation between followers and album sales.

Rank Rapper # Followers Twitter Name
1 Nicki Minaj 9,642,210 @nickiminaj
2 Eminem 9,249,525 @eminem
3 Snoop Dogg 6,767,021 @snoopdogg
4 Kanye West 6,715,669 @kanyewest
5 50 Cent 5,915,832 @50cent
6 Drake 5,885,977 @drake
7 Lil Wayne 5,606,236 @liltunechi
8 Diddy 4,884,108 @iamdiddy
9 Wiz Khalifa 4,804,432 @realwizkhalifa
10 Ludacris 3,783,636 @LUDACRIS
11 Pitbull 3,783,636 @pitbull
12 Soula Boy 3,373,404 @souljaboy
13 Jim Jones 2,446,128 @jimjonescapo
14 Tyga 2,416,886 @tyga
15 Nelly 2,183,624 @nelly_mo
16 J. Cole 2,012,274 @jcolenc
17 Rick Ross 1,998,819 @rickyrozay
18 Mac Miller 1,866,481 @macmiller
19 Big Sean 1,831,226 @bigsean
20 T.I. 1,811,137 @tip
21 Wale 1,780,520 @wale
22 Fabolous 1,,573,647 @MYFABOLOUSLIFE
23 Jay-Z 1,554,493 @s_c_
24 Diggy Simmons 1,235,246 @diggy_simmons
25 Common 1,231,890 @common
26 Lupe Fiasco 1,061,542 @LUPEFIASCO
27 Busta Rhymes 971,282 @BusaBusss
28 Chamillionaire 876,131 @chamillionaire
29 The Game 861,649 @thegame
30 Meek Mill 814,831 @meekmill
31 Waka Flocka Flame 796,182 @wakaflockabsm
32 Tyler the Creator 787,663 @fucktyler
33 Gucci Mane 742,488 @gucci1017
34 Juelz Santana 635,785 @thejuelzsantana
35 Kreyshawn 587,320 @KREAYSHAWN
36 Nas 549,763 @nas
37 Childish Gambino 533,133 @donaldglover
38 Jadakiss 492,953 @therealkiss
39 Lil’ Kim 478,371 @lilkim
40 Joe Budden 465,570 @joebudden
41 Talib Kweli 454,674 @talibkweli
42 B.o.B. 450,954 @bobatl
43 Big Boi 431,621 @bigboi
44 Curren$y 419,409 @currensy_spitta
45 Kid Cudi 409,403 @wizardcud
46 Lloyd Banks 404,521 @lloydbanks
47 Bun B 394,892 @bunbtrillog
49 Yo Gotti 357,466 @YoGottiKOM
50 Asher Roth 355,281 @asherroth
51 Cory Gunz 335,823 @corygunz
52 Plies 335,587 @plies
53 2 Chainz 321,904 @2chainz
54 Raekwon 313,783 @Raekwon
55 Yelawolf 285,864 @yelawolf
56 Juicy J 274,527 @therealjuicyj
57 Slim Thug 269,297 @slimthugga
58 Machine Gun Kelly 268,223 @machinegunkelly
59 Ghostface Killah 249,935 @ghostfacekillah
60 French Montana 236,401 @FrencHMonTanA
61 David Banner 228,397 @THEREALBANNER
62 Jay Electronica 208,930 @jayelectronica
63 Styles P 200,875 @THEREALSTYLESP
64 Pusha T 196,026 @pusha_T
65 Royce Da 5’9" 189,506 @royceda59
66 Fat Joe 180,682 @JOEYCRACKTS
67 E-40 176,854 @e40
68 Big K.R.I.T. 173,360 @BIGKRIT
69 Noreaga 173,297 @noreaga
70 Maino 158,171 @mainohustlehard
71 Red Cafe 156,546 @redcafe
72 Cam’ron 138,097 @mr_camron
73 Juvenile 137,066 @JUVIETHEGREAT
74 Earl Sweatshirt 131,141 @earlxsweat
75 Joell Ortiz 122,272 @joellortiz
76 Chevy Woods 122,180 @chevywoods
77 K’naan 112,838 @KNAAN
78 Method Man 110,473 @methodman
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12 thoughts on “Top Rappers on Twitter

  1. Earl Sweatshirt, Kendrick Lamar, Fabolous, Pharrell, Kreayshawn, RZA, Curren$y, Bun B, Methodman, Ghostface, Raekwon, M.I.A., Fat Joe, Ludacris, Talib, Snoop, Busta, Q-tip, and probably a lot more.  A bunch of these guys are over a million too, come on…

    1. Thanks fam, I used your input to update the list. 

  2. Slim Thug, Bun B, Chamillionaire….. I guess what I’m saying is your list sucks, and it’s an insult to Texas.

    But yeah keep following French Montana, Waka, Tyga and Lil’ Kim…. wack sh…

    1. I love Texas rap, it’s actually kind of hard to remember over 50 rappers name. But UGK is some shit I grew up on. Who else is poppin in Texas? Don’t say Kirko Bangz.

  3. Plies 335,694

    Nice Omission 

    1. Haha got it!

  4. I dont believe the numbers expecially when the ppl are buying followers… dont believe me? Google how to buy followers

    1. Yeah I’ve seen that stuff. I’m not sure it works to get real people that will engage with you though.

  5. @JoeBudden  464,939 Followers 

    1. How could I forgot Budden!!! Shame on me. Thank you bro!

  6. I know Joe Budden and Questlove should be up there as well, and in response to guest210, plies isn’t really a “rapper” he’s more of a parody 

    1. I don’t know about Questlove as a rapper. I follow him for his insight, but I don’t recall him spitting any bars.

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