T.I. You Blithering Idiot.


T.I.’s recent arrest for illegal gun possession of a machine gun, silencer, mack 10, and a few revolvers shows the stupidity or paranoia of some rappers. I can understand having one pistol on you when you go to the club or are in the car by yourself, or even when you do have bonded security, because some times they may not be with you all the time (or may not be willing to protect you if it really goes down). But a machine gun? a mack 10?


That’s just stupidity. I know T.I.’s close friend was killed last year in a shootout resulting from an “altercation” in a bar. And he does have that split personality with TIP, making him do crazy things, like punch out Luda’s manager. But how can T.I. be so stupid?

He is on probation for an illegal gun possession charge in 1998 and therefore is not allowed to have a gun. He’s basically blown up and is no longer a hood rapper, but still has the hood mentality (or just wants to show the public he still has the hood mentality). But he is facing possibly 50 years in jail. Obviously, he wont get that, but he’s going to be doing some years for sure as it appears his bodyguard is the one that set him up and the case seems airtight. For us hip hop heads, we’ve lost another great artist to their own vices.

BTW: Let’s NOT start a FREE TIP movement, because stupidity deserves punishment.

Check out this news clip, doesn’t add anything new other then that it shows T.I.’s mansion. Damn.


Here’s another link showing all the guns T.I. purchased at a press conference by the district attorney’s office.
Footage of DA hating on T.I.

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3 thoughts on “T.I. You Blithering Idiot.

  1. thats an MP5k not a mack 10-11, yeah a machine gun is not for protection or defense more like offense and going to kill people regardless WTF. he should have got the who 50 just because you’re a rapper doesn’t mean you get off

  2. yall need to get off ti’s dick maybe he was paranoid wats it to yall man leave him alone

  3. whats kool if your a thug and you dont gotta mack 10? keep shit real nigga

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