T.I. – Whatever You Like

T.I. Whatever You Like

[audio:t.i-whatever you like.mp3]

This the new single of T.I.’s new album Papertrail and…Yes it is a Major Flop. What the hell is this? I was expecting something for me to wild out to, this is like a used Lollipop. Yuck.

Here’s some advice for the A&R’s, when one artist blows up doing one thing, you tell your artist to do the exact opposite. Nas did it. Dmx did it. Jay-Z did it. Pac did it. Biggie did it. Kanye did it. Lil Wayne did it. Even T.I. once did it. What gives? Man I was sooooo right about TIP. Get off Weezy’s dick rappers!

14 thoughts on “T.I. – Whatever You Like

  1. merci t.i poure le disc de wahtwever you like my t.i le tre cheonsent de amrica

  2. this song is the best…..
    and t.i is so nice

  3. men dis is d bomb

  4. This has got to be the best song EVER!! I love T.I.

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