T.I. – Whatever You Like Ringtone

T.I.’s latest song, Whatever You Like, went from the 70th most downloaded song to the #7th downloaded song overnight. Get T.I. Whatever You Like Ringtone by going here >>

T.I. Whatever You Like Ringtone


5 thoughts on “T.I. – Whatever You Like Ringtone

  1. i love this song my boyfrienn sings it to me a lot.
    :D ily brandon lee smith

  2. hi I`m Dona can anybody tell me e-mail or phon nober of T.I because I love him

  3. hi, iam sandy i love you i need your e-mail<3

  4. my bf sings it 2 me and thats his ringtone wen he call ily baby tony kirkston

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