T.I. Wants You To Buy His Music Video!

T.I. YoRapper Ringtone

This is definitely a dick move of the week as Atlantic Records is on a crusade to take down any video which shows T.I.’s song Live Your Life. What’s the reason T.I.’s label is doing this? They want you to buy the video on Itunes. Here’s what Atlantic had to say which put them into dick mode.

T.I.’s ‘Live Your Life’ ft. Rihanna video is NOW available for purchase on iTunes! The video was shot in Los Angeles by famed director Anthony Mandler. T.I.P.’s number 1 album PAPER TRAIL, which boasts other smash hits such as ‘Whatever You Like’, ‘What Up, What’s Haapnin’, and the hood anthem ‘Swagga Like Us’ is now available everywhere so don’t trip, cop it today.


I bet in a week they’ll loosen their Nazi conditions.

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