T.I. Gets a Great Deal


So the legal experts are weighing in on rapper T.I.’s plea bargain, arguing it is not really fair for others who have committed the same crime who are spending as much as five years in jails, while little TIP does some community service.

The deal is unusual considering T.I. was a convicted felon prior to federal gun charges. Atlanta defense lawyer Page Pate says cases like T.I.’s usually leave defendants with at least a 5 year sentence.

Pate, “There are a lot of people who are sitting serving time in federal prison right now who would love to talk to schools and churches and other community groups to serve some of their time, but they can’t do that because they don’t have his celebrity”.

T.I. of course, recently pleaded guilty for owning a machine gun and other assorted arsenal because he made a plea bargain to avoid prison time in return for 1000 hours of community service talking to at-risk kids.

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