T.I. Arrested!


Just when I was going to make a post about where’s T.I.? He goes and gets booked and gets into a fight at the titty bar. Apparently he was at a strip club with his wife and crew and got into a fight with another crew in which T.I. picked up a Cris bottle and started swinging. The fight was broken up by security.

Then the next day on his way to the BET Awards, he was arrested while stopping of at a Walgreens (what a nigga). Apparently, ATF agents, Swat and a whole bunch of donut eaters did a massive search of T.I.’s crip and didn’t like that they found unregistered machine guns (again what a nigga). T.I. man you gotta watch that nigga TIP (are you still doing that promotional thing?).


5 thoughts on “T.I. Arrested!

  1. People are not Perfect thats a F A C T! And on any given day you'll find some Famous Person getting in a Little Trouble!

  2. Its on mtv hits and he has to serve 30 years in jail and 1000 hours in comunity service

  3. Instead of posting mistakes like these all over the place, everyone should be bothered by child abductions and child abuse and try to prevent tragedies from happening to the future generations like Kelsey Briggs or Caylee Anthony. I bet that if Miley Cyrus was abducted that it would be headline news, but one little child wouldn’t get notice until the child is murdered in cold blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. man.i wish t.i. was not in jail.

  5. ti had it coming for him. i mean he’s a horrible singer,and person!come on people go back to county!that all that blacks listen to is r&b shit

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