There’s Just Too Much Hip Hop

I’m overdosing on all that is going on in hip hop right now. It’s that there’s anything really good going on it is just so much stuff that isn’t even mention worthy but I’ll just mention it so you know I’m still alive.

Consequence vs Joe Budden

These grown men got into some kind of fight which got worldstarred of course (footage below). Apparently, Consequence sucker punched Joe Budden from behind. And then Joe Budden’s crew got into it with Consequence which caused Consequence’s wife to start screaming in a really annoying Jersey accent “I’m calling the cops”. Great stuff.

Tyga’s Cover Change

Tyga changed the cover art for upcoming album Hotel California from this…


to this…


I personally like the first one better, the terrible photoshop color grading and fur/timb combo in LA heat is more appropriate for Tyga’s brand of ratchetness. He also has Tupac on his album. *Shrugs*

Iggy Azalea’s Booty

Still don’t care about her raps, but that white booty poked out made it move.

The Game got an Obama tat on his belly


Well at least its an improvement on the star tat he had on his face.


This is pretty much the same thing that’s been going on for the last year, except the names have changed.

2 thoughts on “There’s Just Too Much Hip Hop

  1. Seriously I haven’t checked out hip hop in a while (only really listen to Young Jeezy’s and Trinidad JAmes’ mixtapes). There is just nothing really going on these days. I guess I am tired of it being so cliched.

    1. Yeah I’m listening to Riff Raff nowadays, he’s a post cliche cliche rapper.

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