The Wu Massacre Trailer

No it’s not a feature film, it’s one of three trailers being released for the upcoming Raekwon, Ghostface and Method Man collabo album called The Wu Massacre. The series of trailers are inspired by the movie Seven.


3 thoughts on “The Wu Massacre Trailer

  1. Imma tell you what. All I know is that this shit better not be subpar or imma be HIGHLY upset!

  2. It probably will.

  3. This album is going to depend on what Meth and the production brings. It was made in such a short time, is why i’m weary of the beats, and Meth was fuckign fantastic on OB4CL2 & mostly terrible on blackout 2. Raekwon has finally woken up from his sleepy flow lmao and ghost is always ghost, but i’m always pumped for a Wu release, I mean i picked up Dopium the day it came out (which i must say 1/2 of it was real real good)

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