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Since I’m a pretty vocal person, I tend to get asked what are my views are certain subjects. You know ranging from gay marriage to abortion. Certain political types, like to figure out where you stand on certain issues usually to (a) argue or (b) argue. Well I thought, since I’m feeling mighty expressive tonight, I would just break it all down, and give all yall my thoughts on everything. Yes, everything, I’m going to make it as brief as possible, because this could turn into an edition in encyclopedia Britannica. If have yall have questions, feel free to shoot. Now peep game suckers. PS. This is going to make me so popular.

Hell yeah. I don’t care if the babies just born, if you ain’t got the funding and the education to raise a child. Please don’t bring another loser into the world.

Gay Marriage
As someone of the hip hop culture, I tend to call things “gay”. I try not to on here, because there maybe some gay readers (haha see even that sounds funny). But my opinion on gay marriage is that “the gays” should be allowed to get married just like everyone else. Marriage is not some sanctified cultural union as it once was, majority of people get a divorce anyway. And no this will not lead to people marrying animals. But I don’t think polygamy, which is marrying more than one person is okay as long as everyone is consenting and is over age. Word to Akon.

Affirmative Action
In the sense that a Black person should get a job over a white person with better grades (etc), I say “no” to AA. But when it comes to positions that have normally been held by whites, then minority applicants should be given a “fair chance” as adding more cultural groups to say the police force can only make their job easier. What do I mean by “fair chance”, if a Chinese person and White person are equally competitive and the job can only go to one of them, then it should go to the Chinese person. Sorry whiteys.

Non-Blacks Use of the “N” Word
I probably say the “N” word 5000 times a day, although I’ve cut back drastically in the last few years. But when it comes to non-Blacks saying it, I have a problem with it only if they say it with malice. I’ve heard white guys say it more than me, and if they are down with hip hop, and its evident they come from that background then its “cool” with me. Although, I admit the first time I heard a “down” white boy say it, I was taken back to the first time it was hurled at me as a little kid.

It’s pretty much nonsense. Even though I was raised Christian, most of my friends are of every faith that makes up the world, so I can’t imagine that some of them would go to hell and some would go to heaven -when their religion may not even believe in such things.

Now if your a religious person reading this, I don’t mean to offend, because some of us just may need religion to control ourselves. I frankly don’t a doctrine to tell me to not kill, not steal and to give to charity. The law of the country tells me most things I can’t do and as for being a good person, I probably donate to more charities than the most religious people anyway -who are probably just trying to buy their way into heaven anyway.

Existence of God
God exists. But he’s not an old white guy with a beard, sorry. He’s not even a he. God’s is totally incomprehensible by us humans and any religious doctrine or philosophy that attempts to define the nature of God is just an “opinion”. Why? Because every holy text was written by another person, usually for their own strategic reasons (i.e conquest). God is more like a force that created the laws of the universe than a dude watching the events of the world unfold, but again it would be foolish for me to even attempt to understand the nature of God. I suppose this would make me an agnostic.

Gender Roles
Men and women are equal. No question about it.

No such thing as race, unless your talking about the human race. Take an anthropology class and you’ll know everyone’s DNA is pretty much mixed the hell up with different “races”.

As a businessman, I hate taxes. I dream of a day when capital gains tax is abolished and when business tax is abolished. Hey I can dream. But I do think individuals should be taxed, but not to the extent that we are today. It’s ridiculous. If the average person is making $35k after taxes thats around $30k. That’s less than 3k a month, which makes it fairly difficult to raise a family, pay a mortgage, and pay for retirement. Taxes on the middle class need to be cut, taxes for those that make under $20k a year should be abolished and taxes on the very rich should be increased slightly. Hey, there’s no business or capital gains tax in my perfect world.

Health Care
Universal health care, which means medical care for everyone paid for by the public, is a must. Every developed nation has some sort of public assisted health care system, except the United States. If you’ve ever been to anywhere outside the US, you’ll notice something very strange -the lack of fat people. Having a health care system that everyone can access will ultimately reduce the cost to the public and contribute to a smarter and more relaxed populous. Other kinds of insurance such as auto insurance and life insurance are doing just fine being run by the private sector.

Marijuana should be made legal as its a relatively harmless drug in comparison to alcohol. Other drugs like cocaine, extacy, meth, should stay illegal and more attention should be paid to getting these kinds of drugs of our streets. I’m not sure how I feel about banning tobacco cigarettes.

Gun Control
As long as police have guns, everyone is entitled to it. I know about Thomas Hobbes and the whole Leviathan thing, but it isn’t fair to give one group of people weapons while us citizens remain unarmed. At the same time, if guns didn’t exist a lot of people we know would still be here today. So I’m in the either everyone has guns or everyone has nothing camp.

Middle East Politics
If our dependence on oil is what motives the US government to intervene in their affairs than I have no problem with “policing” the area. Think about it? If they cut off our oil supply, the consequences to our economy are untold -just look at what happened during the Opec crisis in the 70’s. Ouch. But ultimately, we need to put all our resources in alternative fuels that will eliminate our dependence on oil. This will not only reduce our involvement in the affairs of the middle east, but also bring about positive environmental change.

This is such a hard one. I’m just going to say the RIAA shouldn’t go after 12 year old kids. That’s just wrong.

I think that’s all for tonight, I’m sure there will be a second installment. Now what do you stand on the issues?

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2 thoughts on “The World According to YoRapper

  1. i love how one paragraph your talking about abolishing capital gains tax, then the next you’re advocating universal healthcare. son you think public healthcare would be possible without the tons of revenue from the capital gains tax?

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    The US govt doesn’t actually fund its programs in whole with revenue made from taxes. The Federal Bank just prints more money and goes into more debt, to make up the shortfall. How else do you think America is paying for that $1.2 trillion dollar war in Iraq? Think of it as the US govt having the ultimate american express black card. lol

    But just for argument’s sake if we wanted to fund a public health care system it would be to put a huge tax on fast food, cigarettes and alcohol. Double the price of a Big Mac and we’d have no more heart disease. This would then force fast food joints to move away from fatty foods and unto more healthier choices, a move we have already seen started since the Atkins diet craze a few years back.

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