The Top 10 Rappers That Need to Retire Yesterday

In an effort to bring the rap game some new fresh faces, we bring to you the top 10 rappers that really should have retired a long time ago. Keep in mind we’re not saying these guys suck, but really at this point in their career they have nothing valid to say and are just taking up good air. Even though we know most of them won’t retire because of this list and even if they did they would be back next year with a “comeback” album, we do hope it makes them take a long look in the mirror in the morning. Oh the humanity…

10. Nas
Considered among the greatest, this guy hasn’t put out anything worth writing to your friend in jail about since Stillmatic and that was in 2001. That’s a one hot album every ten year average – Jay-Z.

9. Jay-Z
Speaking of Hov, this guy’s flow has become staler than what’s in between Lil Kim’s thighs. His latest raps either sound like he’s out of breath or really doesn’t care anymore, I’m not even going to go into his awkward rhyme patterns or that wussy whisper voice he occasionally brings out.

8. Dr. Dre
Really, I don’t want to hear this guy spit another man’s rap. That alone should have had this man banned from entering the booth.

fat joe
7. Fat Joe
Fat Joe’s like the uncle that still thinks he’s young and rocks a du-rang and a jersey to family bar-b-q’s. Your telling me that in the entire America there isn’t any Puerto Ricans that rap better than Fat Joe right now? It’s friggen’ 2010 for god sakes!

Redman Method Man
5. Method Man & Redman
I know Meth and Red are hood heroes but these guys are like the old guys that cut hair at the barbershop that refuse to grow up and talk about their past glory while they give you a taper.

Busta Rhymes
4. Busta Rhymes
Yes Busta comes through every year with the “silly club banger” but those songs are so easy to make. Just get a zany beat and say something “funny” on the hook. Presto. Soulja Boy has made his career doing this.

Ice Cube
3. Ice Cube
Ice Cube’s gangster rap career was over the second he stepped on the Are We There Yet set.

LL Cool J
2. LL Cool J
Have you seen how delusional LL’s become lately? This guy’s still built but his body is looking like Hulk Hogan, all loose and sh*t. His rap career has been on Def Jam life support for the last 10 years, thank god is contract finished after the disaster that was 13.

Snoop Dogg
1. Snoop Dogg
I think every self-respecting rap fan in the world hates Snoop Dogg. After Snoop sang through T-Pain’s ass on “Sensual Seduction” he should have made his final curtain call.

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