The Roots Reveal “Undun” Cover Art + Tracklist

The Roots have released the cover art and tracklisting for their highly anticipated album Undun. The cover art features a vintage photo of three kids in what looks like an urban ghetto during the 1970s. One of the kids is doing a back flip in the air off a bunch of some cruddy looking mattresses. I suppose the fact that the kid hasn’t hit the ground yet is symbolic of The Root’s career in that they are still “up in the air” and have a lot more to do – at least that’s my interpretation.

The Roots Cover Art

The Root’s “Undun” Tracklist
1) Sleep
2) Make My ft. Big K.R.I.T.
3) One Time
4) Kool On
5) The Jump
6) Stomp
7) Lighthouse
8 ) I Remember
9) Tip The Scale
10) Redford

Bonus: Here’s a behind the scenes look at The Root’s photo shoot for the Undun artwork.

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