The Paradox in Interstellar Solved

It’s taking me a few days but I believe I’ve sold the bootstrap paradox in the movie Interstellar. If you don’t know what the bootstrap paradox is it’s a paradox which is pretty common to all science fiction movies dealing with time travel in that whereby items or information are passed from the future to the past, which in turn become the same items or information that are subsequently passed from the past to the future. An example of this is: A professor travels forward in time, and reads in a physics journal about a new equation that was recently derived. He travels back to his own time, and relates it to one of his students who writes it up, and the article is published in the same journal which the professor reads in the future. Sound familiar? As this basically what happens in Interstellar. How?

Cooper in the future tells himself in the past, information (NASA headquarter’s GPS coordinates) which he uses to bring himself to the future. How does he do this? The explanation in the film is that beings who either live in a 5th dimension or have mastered control of it have built a construct (called a “tesseract”) for Cooper to communicate with Murph in her room through multiple points in spacetime. The tesseract is basically a 3D model of the fifth dimension and it was built in this way so that Cooper (a 3D being) can understand it. Through conjecture, Cooper infers that these beings are future humans who are saving “themselves” from extinction. As if the present day humans go extinct, then obviously there will not be future humans. The paradox is then how can future humans save present day humans from extinction if future humans don’t get the chance to live since present day humans will die before future humans can save them?

So how does Interstellar solve this paradox? Through “Plan B”. If you recall Plan B is sending and growing the half a million human embryos somewhere habitable to continue the human race. We can imagine that since Plan A fails without Cooper, Plan B succeeds since it was Prof. Brands plan all along. We can infer that without Coooper, the Endurance goes through the wormhole to Edmund’s planet since the Anne Hathaway’s character Amelia Brand is in love with him and would choose his planet first and would probably have veto since Cooper isn’t there anyway. We can then imagine the humans thrive and develop over thousands or even millions of years and once they have mastered the 5th dimension, they say, “Hey let’s save our ancestors for fun” and then the events in the movie played out.

Admittedly, there are few minor issues with this:
1) Future humans could screw up the past in such away that they erase themselves from existence (similar to the Mad Scientist Paradox). Though I believe since they have mastered the 5th dimension and are able to create “computer models” of what could happen if they save humans, they’ll see just like in the movie Amelia Brand does still make it to Edmund’s planet with the embyros.

2) Amelia Brand infers that someone placed the wormhole near Saturn 50 years ago as wormholes don’t just pop out of nowhere. It’s impossible for her to know this for sure and even real physicist believe wormholes randomly pop up all the time even on Earth, though they are so tiny and close up so fast we can’t detect them. But let’s assume Amelia is right what happens to Plan B? Well in Plan B, they can’t go through the wormhole and go to Edmund’s planet but they could still send embryos and develop them on a space station similar to what they show at the end of the movie (similar to the O’Neil cylinder). Of course this wouldn’t be as fun as Plan A.


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  1. you are wrong. The wormhole would have not exist and they would not been able to get to edmund’s planet

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  3. This was my lead theory and really tightly written . However ,you picked something up that offer as part of my new theory . The mad scientist can’t be explained with careful tweaks of presumed technology . However you look at it , the pAradox remains , you are just moving it around . For example. Let’s assume an advanced race , able to fine tune every event to maintain the cause and effect that brought them into existence . They have now become protagonists of their own creation , thus a reverse paradox . The paradox will always manifest because it’s the only way to reconcile backwards time travel in real science . To be clear .My theory is the same as yours ; plan B’s were the creators as survivors in another permutation of history . They came back to avert this great tragedy and created a bootstrap paradox. I go further : we don’t have to assume the technology used to avert a scientist paradox because its written in for us . Plan B humans are in control of quantum probability – whole swathes of history could be like a day trip to them . Thus they can accommodate the pAradox much with extreme precision , partitioned from key probabilities in their own history . The key is that future plan B humans experience reality as all permutations of all probabilities . If there is coherence between the doomed Humans post history and their own evolution at some point then the pAradox is integral and can only be used explained with ” it is because it is ” . It is also possible that they forked an incoherent New reality by creating the wormhole and never interacting with us . If that’s the case, the pAradox runs much more like the normal forward flow of time which just happens to include limited interaction with alternAte versions of ourselves .

    One more thing . A much more subtle thing few may have noticed. There is a reason why plan b humans simply didn’t land on earth to save everyone . This point is sign posted throughout , but easily lost . Matter itself cannot travel backwards in time, they can only send information back by interacting with gravitational.foces. In fact they sent no information themselves , but increased the probability that the doomed Humans would send it back to themselves by facilitating the technology . Thus I would argue that the fifth dimension is the quantum probability wave which plan B humans learnt to harness and manipulate to the point they never directly interact . Doomed humns still only observe relativistic time flow at this point in their history . This in turn means that
    For the beings that exists in the quantum probability wave, they are above the effects of paradox. Beyond this , there simply aren’t the words or analagy to explain how A future plan B observes time .

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