The New XXL Mag Does It Suck?

Snoop Dogg XXL Magazine

Since I have pretty much nothing to do this Sunday what with my girl out of town and all, I headed to the local bookstore to check out the new XXL mag as I was curious to see the direction the new “interim” editor (read: until we find a literate nigga) Vanessa Statten was going to take the mag. Now when YN got canned, all us blogger/online mags were all jumping for joy pretty much for no reason, other than the fact we all hated that dude’s arrogance. But when we found out the new editor would be this fat white chick and some how someone got hold of her myspace, so we could get a good look of her, well we all pretty much died.

After reading her editorial in this month’s edition, I have to say, this chick is just leaving off where YN left off. Same potty mouth (what’s with all the fucking swearing? you have no street cred!), self-aggrandizement (your a fat old white lady), and cocksuckin’ YN was doing. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, think of it as if Dj Khaled owned a magazine. Riggght. Exactly.

The interesting thing I got from the piece is that the folks over at the Harris Plantation, I mean Publications are making this big push toward their online site as evidently no one’s buying magazines anymore (just reading them at the bookstore). This is nothing new, magazines all over the country are going for broke and contrary to what some old white guys say, its because the blogazines have taken over.

The thing about XXL jumping into this space and not to say they don’t have a decent site, but what makes them different from any other more established blogazines on the web? Their connections? Fuck a connect. Even Fifty got his own site and his minions just bootleg their content anyway. But again, why would anyone go there? In my humble opinion, the success of hip hop sites on the “innanet” will rest on providing (a) good content and (b) bucking the establishment. Yall may be able to buy (a) but you will never have (b).

Come and get me.

PS. Where’s Elliot?

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