The Most Overrated People, Places, Trends and Other Junk in Hip Hop

Since Blender did a cool feature on the Most Overrated Crap in Rock, we figured we needed something for the streets. Peep game.

22. Swag
You know a word is played out when you have old rockers saying it. Please guys stop. I now formally introduce the hip hop world to “sway”.

21. Old Rappers
If you have more than ten albums under your belt your an old rapper and need to kiss the game goodbye. Let the young dudes compete and get money, we don’t need you. You can go become an exec or start a chain of fast food chicken places.

20. A Neptune Beat
These guys are so hit and miss especially when they collaborate with rap artists, they either make great songs like Jay-Z’s Give It To Me or fetacheesy stuff like Jay-Z’s “I Know”.

19. Poppin’ Bottles
I have no clue how dudes justify spending $150 to $300 on a bottle which goes for $30 at the store. Just pre-juice and you’ll be good to go.

18. Making Fun of White People
It’s 2008, really do we need to still make fun of white folk? Remember how Comic View would have every single comedian (even the white ones) do that high pitched nasal voice to depict a lily white person. I have yet to meet any white people that talk like that…though I haven’t talked to a white person in months…but that’s another story. Point is stop the over characterization of white men as Steve Urkel.

17. Jordans
I remember when I was a kid and my dream was to have a pair of Jordans but could never get them because they cost too much. We’ll now that I can afford them, I don’t want them cause they are played the hell out along with Air Forces and Tims. Plus I can’t really afford them.

16. Buying Real Clothes
Back in the day bootleggin’ clothes, shoes and whatever else Chinese manufacturers could get their hands on used to be not worth it because of shotty work. I mean who wants a Bapes T-shirt that has a tag that says AAA on it. But nowadays, the bootleggers are better quality than the real thing. They have real tags, they come with all the MSRP tags, better stitching, and way better quality materials. I’ll take a fake pair of True Religions for $25 over a real pair at $319 any day.

15. Light Skin Women
Have all Black guys been programmed to prefer light skinned women? What is this India’s caste system? Fine with me, more Black women for my black snake moan.

14. Youtube Views/ Myspace Hits
You know how dumb it is for rappers to brag about myspace hits and youtube views? You guys do realize it’s like bragging about how many cans of coke you drank…because myspace and youtube make money selling ads to your views. The only people that can brag about making money of youtube views is Soulja Boy cause he has a deal where he gets 15 cents a comment and 2 cents a view.

13. Dumb Rappers
From some reason eight years of a dumb President is enough, but eight years of dumb rap music is just fine for the masses. Hip hop needs it’s own Barack Obama.

12. Rappers AKA’ing Barack Obama’s Name
I don’t care if you call yourself Cirac Obama, Block Obama, Black Oblocka, Block Odrama, you will never be Barack Obama.

11. Rappers with Hip Hop News Sites
Does Fifty really needs his own website? Do you have any idea how fast ThisIsCurtis is going to fall once Fifty’s own fame fizzles out? But I guess after you have your own clothing line, beverage, car trim, condoms, doorags, and dildos you have to take from the bloggers.

10. Getting a Lil Wayne Feature
Lil Wayne’s become so popular this last year because of his ability to shine on someone else’s record. I don’t think it’s a good marketing strategy to be the guy who gets outshined by Weezy on your own song. If anything I would want to have guys that suck on my song so I look better than I really am.

9. Traditional Hip Hop Sites
Nothing wrong with the traditional hip hop sites but they have become so formal and pander so much they have no personality. For godsakes tell someone off. Stop trying to turn hip hop into hard news journalism. Hip Hop isn’t supposed to be CNN. You should laugh along with us when you hear Yung Berg got his chain snatched or find out Rick Ross was a corrections officer. Stop being a robot!

8. 90s Hip Hop
We all have fond memories of the music we grew up listening to and this is certainly the case with those who grew up on everything from 1990 to 1999. Unfortunately, the way you judge things change as you get older and if you go back to some of the songs you loved in the 90s, your going to come to the realization they suck just as much as anything Young Joc puts out (okay maybe not that bad).

7. Income Tax Refund
Why are Black folk so happy when they get money back from the government? If anything you should be pissed off that they took more of your money than they were supposed to.

6. Weed
Does everyone smoked weed now? Why isn’t decriminalized? I just saw a youtube video with B-Real teaching kids how to roll a blunt, and am pretty sure I saw Sean Kingston blazing on his MTV Sweet 18 show. I also caught my dad burning a few days back which is the icing on the cake, considering I don’t even smoke. This is getting out of hand.

5. Facebook/Myspace
Does anyone go on these things anymore without promoting their rap career?

4. Jay-Z
If listening to a guy that’s 20 years older than you rap about how cool he is does it for you, I don’t know what to say.

3. Dressing like a Rocker
Tight jeans, tight shirts with a skull design, and a leather vest. C’mon. I just read that the boot company, Timberland is experiencing some serious financial woes having lost over $100 million in revenues in 2007. They point out that the hip hop community which supported them from 1992 to 2007 has stopped getting “timb’d up”. I don’t know about you but I’m sick of wearing these Euro/Sketcher/hybrid sneakers.

2. Girls Shaken Ass on Youtube videos
I don’t know about you guys but this stuff is mad boring now not to mention insanely demeaning, not for the girl, but for you to be watching it. But ladies feel free to make one for us and be sure to hold up a hand written sign saying “” with hearts around it.

1. Lil Wayne
This guy’s flame has burnt out faster than Fifty’s. He’s released 10 million songs in the last year and all of them are sub-par. He’ll be endorsing garden hoses by next year. No actually they should make a movie, Lil Wayne Vs. Predator.

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  1. I love this blog!!! It rocks my world.

  2. I love this site and this particular blog its witty plus I’m sick of the word swagg too! I heard this old guy say it on sports center..its officially dead to me.

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