The Mass Production of Rap Songs

I hate it so much when rappers brag about taking 5 minutes to write their lyrics, especially when the end result is the worst song ever. Who do they think they are impressing? I don’t want to point anyone out, because a lot of rappers are guilty of writing down the first thing that comes to mind and having the nerve to record it, but Juelz Santana needs to be called out. I heard little Juelz say he took 2 minutes to write his verse for one of these mixtape songs. I almost died. Dude, hi dude, no one would believe you took an hour to write most of the garbage you spit. And you do an incredible diservice to yourself as an artist and to the fans and hip hop as a whole by releasing this sub-par material.


It doesn’t impress anyone that you took 30 seconds to write your verse, other than maybe the fourteen year olds dreaming of becoming rappers or the 30 year olds with the fourteen year old mental who also dream of that Dr. Dre backshot (opps I mean backing). It’s not cool to chicken scratch a rap in five minutes if the end result is trash.

I understand, not everyone can record good songs on the fly like a Jay-Z or a Tupac or a Lil Wayne. But not everyone can be rappers and neither should you. You see how that works? I remember when a diss used to be “oh he can’t rap”, today everyone can rap, but not rap good. You see how we’ve had to qualify rapping from good rapping. This shouldn’t be the case. You can’t be a doctor who doesn’t know whatever it is doctors are supposed to know and do, and you can’t be a rapper without making good songs.

Allow Me to Demonstrate the Skill of Shaolin

If your not a great rapper, like the aforementioned, take the time to write good well thought verses with good well thought out catchy flows. Don’t just write the first thing that comes to your bone head mind. No one wants to hear it. The probability of you writing a great verse on your first try is so low that its pretty much pointless to even record that sh*t. If your a rapper reading this, take a moment to think of how different the rap game would be if rappers took a day, a month, a year to write a verse? It took Michelangelo four years to paint the Sistine Chapel and he didn’t even really finish it until 30 years later. He is consider one of the greats because of his unwaivering commitment to quality, don’t you want to be great? Don’t you want to be the best? Then start acting like it. Eh!

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6 thoughts on “The Mass Production of Rap Songs

  1. Makes me wonder, after reading this article I think that Young Jeezy uses a template for his rhymes(something he wrote long ago), than rearranges it to have different ways of saying the same thing

  2. man i really wanted to say was that they should learn about quality over quantity

  3. exactly. look at dr.dre, dude puts out an album every 8 years and his last two albums are classics.

  4. Yeah, the lyrics Dre wrote for 2001 were incredible…
    Nah, but you got a real point though, but the thing is, most people never bother to learn anything besides the hook, and this reflects the myspace rappers, who alot of them, for some strange reason can’t write good hooks either, or even stay on beat for that point.

    But you know what, they are cool as hell doing it!

  5. Haha well Dre didn’t really write those lyrics. Jay-Z, Snoop and some other peeps did. For Detox, Lil Wayne will be doing some ghostwriting as well.

  6. Yeah I know I was being a dick sorry, but it got me thinking about Royce, and if he’s close to getting a deal yet? Cause I heard something about signing to Nas’s Jones experience, but what I’m wondering is if anything is going to materialize?

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