The Kanye West Tiret Watch Cost $180k

Kanye West Tiret Watch

If your a multi-millionaire, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t spend $180k for a watch with Kanye’s face on it, maybe your own.

Tiret claims it took them over five months to create the dial. The dial itself is in gold toned mother-of-pearl, with a combo of white, yellow, brown, and black diamonds. The bezel is lined with very large diamonds as well. The watch is said to have a total of about 8 carats of stones. Kayne’s face has been immortalized on the dial – complete with sunglasses. Retail price for this is said to be about $180,000, and is custom made specially for each client.


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One thought on “The Kanye West Tiret Watch Cost $180k

  1. Oh God, it’s horrible. It’s tasteless. The face is not particularly recognisable. It looks difficult to read, especially the chronograph function. Why does it need two dates? And I strongly suspect that it has two QUARTZ movements, so it will need batteries at the appropriate intervals, and in twenty or thirty years time these movements will get tired and die. Will replacements be available?

    And is it waterproof? How well will it survive megasweaty gigs?

    My score is 1/20. With 180,000 I would rather buy property, a drug or two, and a crap car to hoot about in.

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