The Game Tweets 50 Cent

Even though Lil Wayne won’t respond to Fifty’s latest diss, The Game will. In Fifty’s new track, he called out Game sayingm “You said you was gonna see me when your homie got shot/ It’s been a while so I’m guessing you must’ve forgot/ Once again you forget ain’t this some shit/ You forgot about me bitch I wrote your hits.”

Well we all know Game is not going to take this sitting down, unless he was sitting down while tweeting the following:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/thegame/status/119537195316023297″]

I really wish these two would put as much time into making good music as they do into hating each other.

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One thought on “The Game Tweets 50 Cent

  1. Like I am totally surprised Game responded to 50, I would have never thought he would have responded. I just found out he was tall and black and that 50 got shot 9 times

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